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We believe strongly in relationships. Recently, we had a woman who had just moved to Colorado call us and say, “Our family is looking for a photographer we can form a relationship with.” This is exactly the kind of interaction and understanding we want with our families. We want to be there when you walk down the aisle, when your first child is born and beyond.

We believe it is a blessing to document the important moments, both big and small, in lives of our families.

We believe that love comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. Each love story is different and we are here to honor them all.

Due to the relational nature of our work, we only take on a select number of clients each year.

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For our wedding, there was simply no question: we wanted more than just photos, we wanted to capture the magic, the spirit of celebration, the joy of all our friends and family. Kokoro Photography lived up to their vividly creative shots that wow anyone who looks at the portfolio and exceeded our own visions. In a time when getting a cake made for a wedding could be a touchy subject, it was a blessing to be photographed by such an inclusive and affirming business. It is no wonder that we immediately called up Kokoro again when our first born needed his wide-eyes and gummy smile to be remembered. Debi and Amanda bring their all to every project, and having known them for decades, I cannot recommend them enough. Celebrate your life with beautiful moments artfully captured.
– Jim A

We want to be there when you walk down the aisle, when your first child is born and beyond.


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