Alexandra and Brian

August 27, 2015

Your wedding should be YOUR wedding. I know that sounds simple to say, and there are a litany of pressures both social and familial that can push couples into things that aren’t really them. However, we’ve had the pleasure of spending the summer with some amazing couples who have done things their way and I cannot stress enough how important this is, how much more meaningful it makes a wedding.

Take Alex and Brian, for example. They met in law school, and a friend is clerking for an appellate court judge (Judge Gabriel, who is soon to be on the Colorado Supreme Court, and just the nicest, most conscientious officiant we’ve seen in a long while). Not only did the beautiful building and courtroom give them a wonderful setting for their wedding (and a heck of a view of the Capitol), but it meant something to them. It said something about who they are separately and as a family. It gave weight to the stories about studying for the bar together. Alex’s daughter read a Shel Silverstein poem that she picked herself. There were some false starts and funny moments along the way, but the resulting choice wasn’t something trite – it had meaning and stories and will be a cherished memory. (And I love the way Brian hugged her after she was done reading. Step parents are awesome.)

The next day Alex’s family here in town hosted their reception in their beautiful backyard. They had lawn games and scavenger hunts and s’mores and famous banana pudding. They had little nods to their backgrounds with some wine from Washington and craft beer from Colorado. It was relatively stress free, (there’s always a little stress when you host a big party) and they got to really spend time with friends and family. It was very personal and lovely, and a lot of fun.

Congratulations again you guys! Best wishes always from Colorado! -A&D

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I love the photo of her sliding down the statue! The courthouse is such a beautiful space for a wedding.

Stunning! I love your use of architecture and how you captured true emotions!

Seriously amazing courthouse images!

I love the perspective of so many of these portraits. This is STUNNING work! And I completely agree, your wedding should be something meaningful to YOU!

I never knew a courthouse wedding could be so beautiful, I love these! Very creative and fun!

I agree! You did a great job of capturing their wedding and showing their personalities. Beautiful!

this is just gorgeous! i too believe that it’s most important for a couple to base their day around them and not what others want – love how you told and captured their story. and can i just say, the image in the rotunda with the capital in the background is to die for! beautiful images!

These are beautiful! the images with the big windows with the awesome views are just stunning

BEAUTIFUL! In love with the bridal portrait in the middle of the buildings…seriously…those leading lines…gorgeous work.