Behind the Scenes- Parent Albums

January 15, 2014

Many couples like to include parent albums as a part of their wedding photography package. Your wedding is an important event, not only for you as a couple, but also for your families. Parent Albums for your folks make wonderful gifts as mementos of a day that’s very special for them too!

However, as photography product options become more and more complex, it’s hard to understand all your options. We try to make this easy for you, but even with our lables it’s nice to see exactly what we’re talking about for yourself.

Most of our Parent Albums are exact replicas of your Primary Album design. Whichever images you and your spouse pick for your book and the layout we put together for you, this exact design will also be your in your parent copies. These are flushmount layouts, like the ones pictured below:

Finao Parent Album

Parent Albums are the same size as your Primary Album, printed on thinner pages, and the cover options for these books are different. The teal and brown album is a Primary Album, the purple album is a Parent Album copy, and the little linen book is a Parent Mini Album, which we’ll talk about in a second:

Finao Parent Album
Finao Parent Album

But wait- what if your parents don’t want the exact same photos as you do? What if you know your mom will want more of your family formals, but you want to print those for your walls instead of keeping them in your album? There’s a couple different options. One option is to put together multiple parent mini albums. These are 4×6″ albums with 20 images mounted within, and they are our most economical option. All your folks have to do is put together a folder with their 20 images in Pictage, and we do the rest. Mini Albums also make great gifts for grandparents, if you’re looking for something nice, but maybe not as big as a full Parent Album.

Finao Parent Album
Finao Parent Album

What if your mom really wants a big album, though, just with her image choices and design instead of your images? These are Custom Designs. In this case, the cost of the album would be determined by the style she wants the book printed in, how many pages her layout includes, and a design fee for the time it takes us to layout her album. We’re happy to put together an estimate for these costs for you, and it’s usually easiest to sit down with your parents and have them see the different printing styles first hand. Paperweights and cover swatches are almost always easier to decide upon in person!

This is an example of a Custom Design. Here you can see Molly and Alex’s Primary Album Design:

Here’s the album design for Molly’s folks:

And here’s the design for Alex’s mother:

All three albums have their own layout and design.

You do not have to include parent albums in your package when you book with us; you can choose to add them on after your event. Likewise, your folks are always welcome to contact us for these products themselves. We’re happy to walk them through all their options as well!