Charlee and Brayden- Disneyland Kid Portraits

April 12, 2012

While we were out in California we were lucky to get to meet up with the Rizzo girls- my college roommate, Lisa, her sister, Laura, and Laura’s two kids, Charlee and Brayden (Brayden’s not a girl, but he’s stuck with the Rizzo girls in his babyhood). The Rizzos have year passes to Disneyland, and Charlee actively refers to it as “My Disneyland,” so it seemed the perfect place to take their pictures. Plus, we really couldn’t pass up photos on the carousel…

No one has ever claimed that any of the Rizzo women have lacked any personality, and that certainly holds true for Charlee too. When asked if she could say her alphabet backward, she flipped around in her chair with her back to us and said, “A, B, C, D, E…” all the way through. It’s nice to see 4 year olds’ don’t really get irony yet. Brayden is a little happy mellow chunk- I thought he was much older than he is. He was super well behaved, even though it was crazy busy in the park.

Very serious about being 4…

“No aunty! Don’t dance like that!”

Charlee was very concerned that the baby ducks were not with their parents. I’ve decided the Disneyland ducks needs to be the theme of the next Pixar movie, because I have the power to decide these things.

This picture that my mom captured is my absolute favorite. Brayden has this look on his face like, “Wait, this horse is going to do what?!?”


My two red heads

My two red heads

So adorable. They are sweeter then sugar and makes me want to have a grandchild (one day).

AMAZING….AS ALWAYS!! These kids are so far beyond adorable….!!! I love all the work you guys do, but my most favorite are the kids! You guys just have magic with them!! (I have been passing your info around a lot lately…..I tell everyone that YOU are the best for “growing up with families”….as that’s what I think of you guys. I hope some of them find their ways to you!)

OMG these are super cute!

these came out super cute 🙂