Flatland- A Wedding, Deconstructed Teaser

March 7, 2012

One of the greatest things about my job is when I get to collaborate with others. It’s something I miss from the theatre- the feeling of everyone working together and bringing their particular talents to bear to achieve a common goal. And since so much is dictated from the outside in on a wedding day, working on a test shoot also allows us to pull our collective creativity from the inside out for a change too.

RJ Kern and I had a wonderful time last year working on the Inspired by Light Vintage Shoot, and we were lucky to pull an equally great group together this year. Here’s a teaser Jim Harper put together of the shoot- stay tuned for more, I think you’ll really enjoy it!

Photography, Lighting, Styling : Amanda Tipton // Kokoro Photography and R. J. Kern // Kern-Photo
Videography : Brian Martinez // Käntrast Media and Jim Harper // JHP Films
Video Editing : Jim Harper // JHP Films
Venue : Phil Swanson // Citizen Pictures
Hair & Make-up : Samantha Koch // LadyCharm Artistry
Cake: Kelley Prather // Kelley Kakes
Florals: Alicia Schwede // Bella Fiori
Graphic Artist : Matt Steaffens // Mathieu Ryan Photographers
Production Assistant : Scott Stebner // Stebner Photography
Models : Jordan Perkins, Alisha Hazel, Ryan Otto, Kirsten Sletten


I must say this came out amazing! I had a great time working with all of you! If you ever need models please contact me.
Alisha Beston

Amanda, great behind the scenes photos!!!! Love it!

Thanks RJ! Can’t wait to get the rest together! Congrats again, and I hope everything in Hawaii went beautifully!