Jennifer and Jonathan- St. Regis Monarch Beach Wedding

May 15, 2012

When I met Jonathan, I knew he was perfect for Jennifer. Not only do they balance each other well, but they also have the same brand of silliness. This is very important. You can see it in their friends (John had 37 hundred groomsmen, or something like that, and you can only get that many guys to put on plastic tux shoes if they really like you) and the fun things they’d rather do than have a traditional bachelorette party. It’s adorable and perfect, and I was so happy to see that Jen had found someone with the same excitement and zest for life.

Their wedding was unbelievably gorgeous, stately and romantic, but flavored with Jen and John’s cheerful happiness. Yes, it rained. Luckily it started right after the couple sat down for dinner and we were able to enjoy the St. Regis’ beautiful view of the ocean during the ceremony. The rain got to be kind of funny- it would pool in the awnings and the umbrellas and then suddenly release the water in one giant stream. It was kind of the wedding version of a very wet hot-potato. Exciting! One of my favorite moments of the reception was when the DJ made the guys sing to Jen instead of doing a garter toss. I love the expression on her face!

After the reception, Jen and Jonathan had a traditional Chinese tea ceremony for their immediate relatives. Congratulations again you guys! We miss you and wish you the best!