Jennifer and Jeff – The Sancuary Golf Course

July 23, 2012

We’ve had a lot of wind this year and it seems along with the wind came fires. Luckily for us this fire wasn’t in Colorado but New Mexico. Unlucky for us, the strong winds brought in all the smoke from the fires to spoil the magnificent views The Sanctuary has to offer. Even so, Jenn and Jeff’s beautiful wedding ceremony went on as planned in The Sanctuary’s outdoor Pavilion.

Amanda and Jenn were roommates in Heidelberg, Germany while they were students at Pepperdine. Jenn and Jeff are now medical students here in Colorado which gave Amanda and Jenn and opportunity to reconnect. Small world! It was great for Amanda to have the opportunity to catch up with other Pepperdine alum while we shot the wedding.

Once it was decided the wind wasn’t going to settle down the ceremony went on as planned with Jennifer’s father Steve walking her down the aisle. While Jeff’s father, Gary performed the service. This was truly a family affair!

Wedding Dress – Anna Be       Cake – Das Meyer