Jennifer and Kevin Part 1- Snowmagagementhearsal

March 18, 2012

Jennifer, Kevin and their families are an unreasonable amount of fun. Normally at a wedding we look for the troublemaker early- it’s self defense- but this group was almost entirely comprised of mischievous, rambunctious, fun-loving troublemakers. Well okay, troublemakers, the women who love them, and Jen’s aunt, who sorta straddles the fence there.

We weren’t able to do Jen and Kevin’s engagement session ahead of time since the couple lives out of town, so we met everyone the day before their wedding at Rocky Mountain National Park for fun in the snow. It was unbelievably windy, but we found a sheltered spot for snowball fights, snow angels, and generally pelting the snot out of the bride-and-groom-to-be. Jen and Kevin’s various nephews proved that they will be the next generation of sly troublemakers, living up to the standards of their uncles and grandfathers.

In part two of this sunny, cheerful event we will bring you pink crocs and matching tuxedos, questions regarding the flammability of the Twin Owls Steakhouse, and the Feliz Navidad story…