Jennifer and Kevin- Sneak Peek!

February 29, 2012

Much like a mountain that jumps out at you, (ha ha, sneak peak, get it?) we offer this surprise preview of Jennifer and Kevin’s Estes Park wedding. It’s doubly surprising because the wind died down long enough that the off-camera flash didn’t blow away!

J&K- I’m having a blast going through your pictures, you guys. I can’t wait to show you the snowball fight shots! Thank you again for a lovely weekend- I’ll never think of “Feliz Navidad” the same way!



Had we know ahead of time what great fun everyone was we would have told our families we'd be home later and stayed for breakfast! The pink crocs were awesome – my son will tell you "Real men wear pink" Great meeting everyone! – Debi

Love the pictures, guys! You two did a fantastic job, can't wait to see the rest. Wish you'd have come to the breakfast too. (And what's this you don't like PINK? You said you loved my Croc's! I think they accent my black tux!) LOL – Chio.

Light pink, light pink ;). I'm all for hot pink crocs with tuxes, avec matching cummerbund. Wish we'd gone to breakfast too, but we were completely zonked that morning. It's a physical job, this wedding photography thing. Thanks again for all your hospitality!