Jessica & Jason- Keystone Area Wedding

April 4, 2012

We just got back from visiting friends in Kansas! Jessica was my closest English-speaking neighbor by car in Japan, and we were roommates here in Colorado before she went east to get her masters degree and find the love of her life. Jessica and Jason were married here in Colorado a couple years ago in an intimate ceremony by Peru Creek outside of Keystone. We helped pull the event together- you should’ve seen the pile of pinwheels at my parents’ house!- and Nicole Iverson of Swank Stems Floral graciously provided the floral. For some reason we never got the pictures up on our blog, so I figured our trip our to see Jess and J was the perfect excuse.

It rained, and rained, and briefly cleared for the ceremony… and then rained some more. There were kazoos for processional music, since we had no electricity. We started a fire using our carefully planned schedule as the kindling- proof that at some point you just have to let go of the plan and go with the flow! We eventually ended up back at my parent’s condo under the gazebo to get out from the wet before the road washed out completely. It was a great wedding full of good stories celebrating two people I’m glad to call friends.

Jess and J now have an 8 month old daughter, Elowen. She’s smart, chubby and giggly, but I’ll tell you all about her in another post!


I think my 2nd favorite photo (after the b/w Pinwheel Face photo which is, hands down, my favorite of all time), is the picture of our feet with me leaning against the brick. I love it because you can still see the mud caked on my heels and every time I see that mud I think to myself, "OMG I"m SO HARDCORE!" XD Although I'm still not as hardcore as Debi, because I wouldn't have had the huevos to drive a Mini-Cooper up to Chihuahua Trail.

Debi does have some big huevos! And a really tough Mini Cooper.

Those pictures are so wonderful, Amanda. It was like I got to be there through your work. Thanks for posting again, and I am looking forward to seeing the new family and baby pictures you took. :o)

Thank you Janet! It was so nice to finally meet you this weekend!