The Johnsons- Denver Family Photography

June 21, 2014

There’s a certain age that’s both difficult and magical for children’s photography. Difficult, because they aren’t interested in taking direction, they can’t be coaxed or tricked, (especially when they’re scary smart like Miss E. here…) and they’re just as likely to run off giggling once you get in the spot with great light as they are to let you grab 3 images. But… kids are also so magical at this age. They’ll show you exactly who they are, and they aren’t afraid to run and jump and express their joys as well as their sorrows. They wear their inner life on the outside, and they’ll happily take you along- just so long as you come on their terms.

I’ve known Somer for a long time. We went to battle together on the long list of touring shows that would come through Pepperdine’s theater, unloading trucks full of drops and costumes, hanging lights and running cable, only to reload everything at 1 am and send the truck back on its way. Somer met her husband, Ben, back in her home town of Tulsa, OK, where he also runs tech for touring shows, so when Somer said she’d like to do family pictures while in Denver, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts seemed like the perfect place. It’s full of fun locations and backgrounds, and is also luckily covered, because Colorado is very consistent with that afternoon rain this year.

Miss E. loved running around the courtyard, baby blonde hair lit up when the sun came out, and getting as near to the puddles as she dared. She enjoyed dancing and hopping with the Dancing Aliens and pulling her parents’ arms out of their sockets being swung into the air 100 times. She’s super polite, sure that everyone’s middle name is “Elizabeth,” and a little worried that the Big Blue Bear can’t get into the convention center and be with the people. It was a pleasure to finally meet her.

It was great to see you both again and catch up! Enjoy the rest of what I’m sure will be a busy and magical summer! -A

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Fabulous as always Amanda !

Thank you Debbie!