Family Photography – Studio and Daniel’s Park

December 17, 2012

I love bright crisp colors in photos, but sometimes a simple black and white photo is all you really need. The focus becomes the person in the photo, their eyes and smile. And if the eyes really are the window to your soul like Shakespeare said, then maybe black and white photos gives you a little glimpse into a persons soul.

Recently my friend Kate had black and white photos taken of her boys. I love how you can feel bond between these brothers and their personalities show through. By contrast I also love the wonderful fall colors from their family photos. The wonderful greens and golds of the manicured golf course with the changing trees. The photo gives you a time and place to the story. Both the color and the black and white photos tell a story. Each in a different way. I added one photo in color and in black and white. Which do you prefer? Color? Black and white?