Fire in the Sky

June 29, 2012

We are burning up out here. Between record breaking temperatures in the low 100’s and a winter lacking in moisture, Colorado’s forests have become a brittle tender box. Currently there are nine wild fires burning, the largest fire near Fort Collins has been burning since June 9th and has consumed over 87,000 acres. In Colorado Spring, the Waldo fire has destroyed approximately 347 homes. Two lives have been lost and one person is missing. The fires have effected everyone out here deeply. Colorado is a beautiful place, the people are wonderful and for the most part the weather is great. We can’t ask for much more – except we need your prayers….. for those who have lost so much, for the safety of those brave men and women who are fighting these awful fires and for rain.

Last night there was a stunning sunset. About 15 of us and several dogs quietly gathered on Jack Ass Hill to watch the sun slip behind our majestic Rocky Mountains. Each of us grateful our homes are standing and our families and friends are safe. The only positive I can find in all the sad news….. this beautiful sunset was created by a raging forest fire.