New Website, New Office

February 21, 2012

I know it’s not spring yet. We were photographing yesterday in below freezing temps in an ice castle, so I’m pretty sure we’ve got a ways to go. Still, it’s beginning to feel a little springy around here. The sun has started waking me up before my alarm, so I know we’re coming out of dark, dreary winter. It’s a good time for a change.

After I finished (mostly- I still want to know why Facebook only wants to quote Brandy in every blurb I post) the website, I wanted to clean my office before our first wedding. It seemed important to make sure I wasn’t eaten by the clutter while embarking on a new season. So I pulled everything, I mean everything,  out of the office… and realized if I way going to do that I might as well paint the darn thing. Plus, I kinda hated the pale pink it was before. I have no idea why I picked that color to begin with- I’m not really a pale pink person.

So now it just happens to match the new website. I might have yellow on the brain. It’s a happier, springier color. Plus, I have fun props and flowers from the test shoot I just did with RJ Kern, which also happen to match the website (thanks Kelley and Alicia)… so we’re all kinds of matchy matchy now.

Mostly though, I now have space to paint and work through old photographs. It’s like I discovered a whole new office lurking in the semi-closet space. I’m pretty excited about that.

Now, I just have to get some pictures up on the walls…