Sienna at 18 Months – Hudson Gardens

August 6, 2012

When you’re 18 months you suddenly realize the world around you is very big and sometimes even littlest things such as… oh….. baby bunnies can be be very, very scary. Yep, Hudson Gardens is overflowing with the scariest little brown baby bunnies you’ve ever seen. At least that’s what Miss Sienna seemed to think when we were taking her photos. At this age everything has such wonder, excitement and a little bit of fear.

From the geese that populate the grounds, to the beautiful yellow flowers, Sienna needed to look at, investigate, touch and try everything around her. No wonder her mother is so tired! Not once did she take her eyes off the bushes where the tiny bunnies hid from her.  But if you asked Sienna where the bunny was…. she threw up her hands and said “Don’t Know!” eyes wide and slightly suspicious that the scary baby bunny might suddenly reappear.

All I can say is…. Kids are AWESOME!


What a cutie!